New Site Promotion Strategies – Learn the Latest Trends to Stay Ahead of the Internet Marketing Game

Internet marketing strategy is constantly evolving as advanced technologies emerge and marketers find new ways to reach their audience. In this article, you’ll learn about one of the latest trends in search marketing that you can apply to your website promotional efforts. Staying on the edge of Internet marketing trends will help you identify new ways to expose your website or product to your prospects and build the relationships needed to turn visitors into buyers.

Ning helps website owners bring their customers together

It’s no secret that social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace have forever changed the way people use the World Wide Web. Now website owners can capitalize on the popularity of these online communities by developing their own social network using Ning. For a small price, Ning allows websites to host a social networking platform within their existing domain. Users of the social network can create blogs, develop personal profiles, and connect with other people with similar interests.

Use Ning to add value to your webpage

Website owners can use this customized community-building tool to attract new visitors and keep existing traffic coming back. Today’s website users love the interactivity provided by social media. Incorporating a social network into your website will help you capitalize on this addiction, while developing a forum that you can use to reach your customers directly. Websites cannot charge users for access to the social network; however, they can incorporate a Ning network into their existing membership site as an added bonus for subscribers.

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